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Water is Life

Aluminium, arsenic, copper, iron, lead, along with pesticides, herbicides, uranium, weedkillers, fertilisers, hormones, anti-depressants and other pharmaceuticals… in fact there are “over 330 identified man-made chemicals detected in UK tap water” to date.

But if you are reading this, then you are probably well aware of this, plus the fact that many of us live in houses with tap water being still delivered in Victorian lead pipes, the fact that the water in our taps is essentially reprocessed sewer water that has been treated with detergents, bleaches and chemicals such as chlorine which “until recently was considered safe but not anymore. Chlorine destroys all microbial and animal life,” has been linked to cancer in numerous studies, and in heart defects in babies. Finally, and more reason than any you are probably reading this having heard that the UK government plan on adding fluoride to our tap water this year, and without going on for pages and pages linking to all the pages of research, in summary this is particularly disturbing. Fluoride is is a generally unwanted by-product of aluminium, fertilizer, and iron ore manufacture, and is classified as a pollutant rather than as a nutrient or medicine, although watch this space as the ‘authorities on health’ have classified, declassified and reclassified much of medical terminology as we know it this year. Ultimately, fluoride deficiency disease has ever been documented for humans. Fluoride is a neurotoxin and an enzyme disruptor, and interferes with almost all human cellular functions and processes. The human thyroid gland has been proven to be affected by fluoride which results in hypothyroidism and a lower immunity. This causes the gaining of weight, depression, ageing skin, eczema, Alzheimer’s, memory loss and concentration difficulties to name just a few. It has been shown even at very low doses to cause genetic damage. In fact, the negative effects of fluoride list is so long: if you undertake your own research it won’t take much to find multiple symptoms and conditions that fluoride has been scientifically linked to.

However, ‘the powers that be’ will tell you that all of these heavy metals, contaminants, chemicals etc. are only there in the water in small amounts and as the NHS website assures us these don’t “seem to be associated with any significant health risks.” Convinced?

As already mentioned above, along with the heavy metals, there are currently reported to be 330 man made chemicals in UK tap water. Our water is currently tested for levels of just 30 of these, but still deemed safe for human consumption. In fact, just this year, it was widely reported that the UK government is still not testing drinking water for a group of toxic manmade chemicals that have been linked to a range of diseases including cancers, while across the world people are falling sick and suing for hundreds of millions of dollars at a time after finding the substances in their tap water. Known collectively as PFAS (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances), or “forever chemicals” because they are designed never to break down in the environment, the substances are used for their water- and grease-repellent properties in everything from cookware and clothing to furniture, carpets, packaging, coatings and firefighting foams. I won't go into how dangerous these are when ingested because that's also terrifying, but feel free to look that up!

So, what to do?

For the past few years I had been using a Phox water filter, which was quick and easy and fairly cheap, in my naivety believing that it was removing the contaminants it needed to. When I opened the café in Melton, we had water filters fitted for the drinking water tap downstairs, the coffee machine, and even above the food prep sink in the kitchen so that filtered water was only ever used for cooking, prepping, washing and drinking etc.

However, over the past 18 months, I have been delving into this subject, researching and reading as many books and studies as I could get my hands on about the situation with our water.

Why? Well, I had the dreaded C-19, the first variant, very early doors in March 2020, and suffered some fairly debilitating after effects for many months following. In the September, after months of MCAS symptoms, and allergies (that had appeared from nowhere) to almost everything I ate and the environment, I signed up for a seven day juice cleanse to try and reset my body. Part of that cleanse was drinking distilled water – and it was this that led me on my journey of discovery.

One study that fascinated me was that of Dr Chester Handley, who studied the correlation of cardiovascular disease and drinking of rainwater. He found that over 100 years (1865-1965) “as people quit drinking rainwater, and a municipal drinking water system was put into place cardiovascular diseases went up.”

Rainwater is obviously distilled water: it has been evaporated into a vapor, split apart into a molecule of hydrogen and oxygen, turning them into a gas that rises up in to the atmosphere, then cooled back down and condensed back in to water. The same process happens in a distillery when it distils water. It heats up the water in to a gas, all the impurities are left behind, all the waste products are left behind, then it is condensed and turned back into pure water and becomes the ultimate pure water because of one very important factor that is not present in any other water… it is molecularly unstable.

It means that when it goes in your bloodstream it breaks apart easier and latches on to debris, waste products and unwanted materials that are floating round in your bloodstream. It is also one of the best ways there is for reducing blood pressure.

He found that “When the blood vascular system is clean you have less headaches, you have less pain, you have more oxygen and nutrients available for the body and more healing capacity for the body.

Now unfortunately, the contamination of water is reflected or parallel to the level of contamination in our surrounding environment. Any contaminants in our water are the result of human life in the environment and what we do in that environment, and as such even our modern rainwater contains contaminants from atmospheric pollutants and particles which contaminates the liquid. Only in areas where there is barely any hint of pollution (which is not many) rainwater may be safe to drink.

Therefore, distilled water “is without doubt the best water available to man- and the only truly pure water available in our waste-laden society.” Dr. Paul Conn, - Not A Drop To Drink.

Dr. Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, recognized the health value of distilled water, and claimed that its daily use prolonged his life.

In his middle age, Dr Bell found himself afflicted and bed-ridden with sciatica, for which he could find no relief for the pain. The attack came just as he was investigating the deposit of salts in the human system: whether the effects of old age came from such deposits, and that the ills of advanced years were due to the lack of their elimination. He believed that when such deposits went to the joints, man had rheumatism. When they went to the kidneys, they had kidney trouble and stones in the urinary organs; and when they lodged in the arteries, they produced what is contributed to the hardening of the arteries. In the same way, when such deposits coated the nerves, they caused sciatica.

Dr. Bell wrote: “I knew that distilled water was pure. I thought that if I drank plenty of it, I could get rid of some of the salts that were covering my sciatic nerves. I tried drinking it and it worked like a charm. I have kept up my drinking of distilled water and I attribute my almost perfect health largely to it.

“When one drinks impure, dirty water, the body acts as a filter, trapping a percentage of the solids suspended in the water. A filter eventually becomes clogged and useless – fit only to be thrown away. The human body might well face the same fate.

He, and many others doctors, scientists, researchers since have concluded that only distilled water avoids mineral buildups in the body. You know yourself that the deposits which build up in a kettle from repeated use, are traces of minerals left behind as the water evaporates. Distilled water leaves no such traces – in a kettle or in the human body.

It is also true that in most hospitals distilled water is used for newborn infants; distilled water is prescribed for heart patients in many cardiac wards, and it is true that kidney stones and other mineral-like buildups in the body are much more common in the areas where the drinking water has high levels in inorganic minerals. All kidney machines operate on distilled water.

“The greatest damage done by inorganic minerals (hard water) is to the small arteries and other blood vessels of the brain (75% water). Hardening of the arteries and calcification of blood vessels starts on the day you start taking inorganic chemicals (and minerals from tap water) into our bodies. When distilled water enters the body, it leaves no residue of any kind. It is free of salts and sodium. It is the most perfect water for the healthy functioning of the kidneys (83% water). It is the perfect liquid for the blood (83% water), the ideal liquid for the efficient functioning of the lungs (86% water), stomach, liver (85% water) and other vital organs. Why? Because it is free of all inorganic minerals. It is so pure that all liquid drug prescriptions are formulated with distilled water.”

Dr. Paul Bragg - The Shocking Truth About Water.

Anyway, I digress… there are so many books, studies and papers about the benefits of drinking pure distilled water out there. If you are interested, read them. We exist because of water… and what we have done to it is as criminal if not more so than all the other crises we are currently contending with, due to what humans have done to the Earth. So distilled water is what we have moved on to… after much research.

Drinking distilled water has made such a difference to the post viral effects I was having; it may not be the only process which has helped as I have introduced other protocols too, but it I can highly recommend it.

So, what do we use?

We have a ‘Make Water Pure’ 4 litre distiller – (although if I had the space I wish I had a 6 litre one). Here’s the link – it currently has a £50 discount applied for January.

Make Water Pure Link

We put it on overnight as it takes about 2-3 hours to distil the 4 litres, and then drink the water between the two of us the following day. It’s not small – you need space for it – and an electricity point. Take a look on our Instagram stories/ highlights to see its size.

For the first week or two of drinking distilled water you may find that you get detox symptoms – headache – a bit like a keto flu, or the first few days of a juice cleanse or a new diet. This is perfectly normal, and is your body eliminating contaminants. You may hear people say that distilled water “leaches minerals from your body”. The minerals it leaches out are of the unusable, ionic form and we want these to leave the body rather than be deposited and cause disease. Distilled water does not leach out significant amounts of biologically available minerals because these are quickly taken up by the body on an as needed basis. It is impossible for distilled water to separate minerals, which have become an integral part of the cells and tissues of the body.

Distilled water collects only the excess minerals which remain in the body, minerals discarded from the cells. Such minerals, having been rejected by the cells of the body are of no constructive value.

The other thing you might hear from people is that “distilled water removes all the good minerals that you need” from water. Again there is a basis of half truth in that statement; yes – distilling your water removes everything – however, even mineral water has so few minerals in it, you could not depend on it as a dietary mineral source. We get minerals from food, not water. As an example, two good minerals which are removed when distilling water are magnesium and sodium. To get your recommended daily allowance of magnesium from tap water you would need to drink 11 litres a day, for sodium you would need to drink 882 litres!

We use two different protocols to get good quality elemental magnesium and sodium supplementation into our daily diets, which I will go into on our Instagram stories: we make a magnesium bicarbonate, and two kinds of sodium sole which we also drink each day.

We don’t use tablet supplementation, as the majority of magnesium supplements are inorganic or despite their claims have low bioavailability – I will do more on elemental magnesium another day as it is probably the mineral we are all most deficient in, but one of the most difficult to get in us in the modern age.

Ultimately, if you eat a good, well balanced healthy diet, you do not need the few good minerals found in tap water, that the distilling process will remove, so the elimination of all the bad stuff is well worth losing those for.

This post could go on and on and I know I haven't touched on many other aspects, but I will try and cover some of those in our instagram stories, so for now I will leave it there.

If you have any questions about anything water related: I know I haven’t covered boiling water, bottled water etc. etc. then just comment or send me a DM, and I will let you know my opinion, which disclaimer, remember this is… my opinion, based on my studies and personal experiences.

So, I will leave you with this proverb: “Pure water is the world’s first and foremost medicine.”

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