about us

apteekki established life as the cafe space within Melton Wellness House in Melton Mowbray in 2018, born from a previous incarnation as Folks & Fables in Bingham.

In 2020, the cafe known as apteekki was taken over by the pop up culinary team Luck and Boo, who have since established themselves as permanent residents of the space.

After a year of pandemic, of reflection and revisiting what is important in life, apteekki is now taking a new direction.

It is clearer than ever before that the need for clean eating, of eating for our physical and mental health, and eating with ethics, sustainability, and nature in mind is of vital importance in our society right now.


With this in mind, apteekki is returning to teach, to nurture, and to champion eating for health and wellness.

Our original three mantras remain:

  • eat more plants

  • drink more water

  • choose wholefoods

Woman cooks
Tempura Vegetables

We will also continue to champion seasonal eating, as nature is simply so wonderful and provides what we need for optimum health as the year works around its cycle.

This ethos will be reflected in our programme of workshops, where you can learn how best to use what nature provides to create delicious, healthy meals.

Alongside this, the apteekki events programme will consist of a new secret supper club, with VIP invitation only offered to subscribers.


Eat More Plants


Drink More Water


Choose Whole Foods